December 2013


          MOON TEA

                  by Polly Brown 


      In a dark car, before driving,

to keep myself awake

            for getting home,


            I pour tea

      from a small thermos

                  into a small cup,


and it’s the reflected sky


            by a rising moon)


that rises up to greet me

            as I pour,

                  as the cup fills.


      It is the sky I drink.


Polly Brown taught young adolescents for many years, at Touchstone Community School in Grafton, Massachusetts, and now writes about the daily texture of progressive education, at Her poems have appeared at, and in Appalcachia, Sanctuary, and the Beloit Poetry Journal, among others. She has two chapbooks: Blue Heron Stone, from Every Other Thursday Press, and Each Thing Torn From Any of Us, from Finishing Line Press.