Pick Your Own Organic Apples

We open this weekend September 14 & 15!

 Saturdays and Sundays 11-5pm for PYO Apples

We will be picking Crimson Crisp, Green Crisp, Liberty, Blushing Golden, Red Delicious, and Red Pippin apples.

Bonkers, Macoun, and Honey Crisp are available at the farm stand.

Prices for Pick-Your-Own 2019

Peck $24.00 (= $2.40/lb; about 10 lbs) 
½ bushel $42.00 (=$2.10/lb; about 20 lbs)

Farm stand - Pre picked
Bags of Apples - $10 (3+ lbs)

Pick your Own Raspberries are $6/pint.

Freshly pressed unpasteurized cider is $8/qt

*Prices may change. 

Please note:

The orchard is a natural environment. We have wildflowers and bees, uneven ground, and other natural hazards. Please be careful. We also ask you to be respectful of the care we give our trees. No climbing on trees or hanging from branches. There are buckets at the end of rows for half-eaten apples. Organic apple growing is challenging, especially with the changes to our weather systems brought on by climate change. Most of all, enjoy picking and knowing that you can eat these apples right from the tree. Some of them have blemishes, summer diseases that are purely cosmetic because we choose not to spray for them. We also don’t spray organic insecticides, so not all of our fruit is perfect like store-bought organic apples. We choose instead to support all life in the orchard. Thank you for supporting organic agriculture!