"We want you to know that we have tasted nearly a dozen garden fresh raspberries this summer, and it is uncanny that, while perfectly yummy, they do not have the brilliance of Old Frog Pond raspberries!"

                                                                                           Kavita and Cheryl

We grow Heritage, an old variety of fall raspberries here at Old Frog Pond Farm.   Unlike summer raspberries that ripen on their second year canes, fall raspberries are mowed down in late march when the ground is still frozen and new canes grow, blossom, fruit, and ripen on one-year-old canes. We don't trellis our raspberries, but grow them in 100' x 5' wide rows - they are bountiful! While picking the fruit, the honey bees and natural pollinators will be buzzing right along with you, an Arcadian music, but no worries, even if you are allergic to stings as I am, the bees are focused only on pollinating the fruit. With raspberries, every cell gets pollinated. I have often watched a a bumble bee curve its entire body around and over the fruit.  Pollinating as making love!

Price is $6/pint for Pick Your Own

Update: Spotted Winged Drososphila

In 2011 a new pest arrived in New England, the Spotted Winged Drosophila - a fruit fly that lays eggs in unripe fruit, unlike most fruit flies that are attracted to over-ripe fruit.  It took us and other fall raspberry growers by surprise and we had to close our patch. In 2012, we monitored for this pest and tried to dissuade it by using organic pesticides. 

That proved to be unsatisfying - the fruit fly reproduces so rapidly that we couldn't keep up with it.  We decided that our only recourse was to get our raspberry plants so healthy that their proteins would repel the fruit flies. We've been re-mineralizing the patch and adding nutrients when we can see deficiencies on soil and tissue samples.  We know this process may take several years, but we will continue to encourage our crop and not give up. 

Our efforts seem to have worked - the raspberry patch for 2013 remained open with delicious raspberries to pick until the farm stand closed on October 13, 2013.