Banner photo: Katherine Dilworth

Our Philosophy:  Agriculture, Art, and Community. Feeding the heart, nourishing the earth; living in harmony and helping others.Blase grows the vegetables and Linda grows the fruit. We share our knowledge, art, and the bounty that grows.  Many people visit the farm and stay for a few hours, days, or longer.  Others find employment here for a season or longer. Document.jpeg

Blase Provitola grows the vegetables at the farm.  When his hands are not in the dirt his focus is working with people. He is is the co-founder of Menswork, Inc., a non-profit foundation that teaches conscious manhood behind prison walls. On the staff of the Men's Wisdom Council, he has a private practice, facilitates workshops and groups, and has worked in the areas of addiction/recovery for 20 years. Blase is also a master woodworker and has a shop in Maynard, Crescent Joinery.


Linda Hoffman is a sculptor and poet. and has been part of the New England art community since the early 1980's. She moved to Old Frog Pond Farm in 2001 to find that the orchard was a tangle of brambles. poison ivy, and dying trees.  Hoffman was determined to bring the orchard back to health and to do it organically,  In 2006, the berry patch and the orchard were Certified Organic.  Hoffman continues to explore more natural and harmonious ways to grow fruit.  She is grateful that being a farmer gives her the opportunity to continuously discover the radical complexity and ravishing perfection of the natural world.

Check our Linda's artist website: Linda Hoffman Studio, and friend Linda on Facebook.

Bruschi our Brindle Boxer (2006-2018)

Bruschi our Brindle Boxer (2006-2018)

Bruschi is the heartbeat of the farm.  He reminds us to be in the moment and grateful for our bounty and friends.  We love dogs and all sentient beings, but please refrain from bringing animals to visit.

Note: Sadly, Bruschi moved onto his next life in Mid-May. He is buried behind the orchard near the meditation hut.