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3 D Play - 3 Sculpture Workshops

A Series of Workshops with Artists Margot Stage and Linda Hoffman

Learn how to construct with wood, wire, fiber, and a variety of natural materials. Be inspired to explore, experiment, and enjoy your creativity. We will build sculptures that are rooted in the ear  th, hanging in the air, and floating on the water. For those who have taken a previous workshop there will be new materials to work with and new challenges!


    I want to thank you and Margot for an amazing experience--I'm so grateful to have been in your workshop. It was a wonderful, warm, empowering environment. You opened my eyes in so many ways and I look forward to experimenting on my many new possibilities. 

                                                     Miranda Helin Hersey

P.S. Let us know if you would like to be on the list for our next series.