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Walking through the apple orchard at Old Frog Pond Farm the other day someone asked me, "Are you the Light Root lady?"

"Well, yes, I suppose I am," I replied and laughed a little. I hadn't heard it put quite that way before.

What is Light Root? This plant, Dioscera Batatas, is also known as the Chinese Yam or Lightyam. It is said that this unique plant imparts light to the body. We are pleased to introduce this special yam to New England. Dioscera Batatas has been used for thousands of years in Asian medicine. The plant is native to Northern Japan and the Mongolian region of China. We are helping this plant make a home in New England. The original nodes came to us through biodynamic farmers in Europe. We hope that once the plant has adapted to our climate and soils we will be able to offer Light Root to New England kitchens. Rudolf Steiner, the father of the Biodynamic Agriculture Movement said, " It is uniquely beneficial to modern humans". This has been my experience. When I eat small quantities of the Light Root daily,  I feel that I benefit and am ‘lighter’ in many ways.

At Old Frog Pond Farm we welcome Light Root to New England and hope to bring it to local markets this Fall. It is a late tuber or root, so look for it at pumpkin time. It may be a good friend for your body and soul for the New England winter.       

Harvested yams, 2012

Harvested yams, 2012

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Lila Terry,  The Light Root Lady  

Lila Terry, The Light Root Lady