Old Frog Pond Farm is one of the few Certified Organic Orchards in Massachusetts. Every fall we open for pick your own apples and raspberries, and sell potatoes and other vegetables from our farm stand. We host an Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, present workshops, and gather for Plein Air Poetry and other community events throughout the year. 

Our farm name is inspired by a haiku by the Japanese 18th century poet, Matsuo Basho.

old pond      

             frog jumps     

                     splash of water

Our growing philosophy can be summed up as Feed the Soil, Heal the Earth.

We believe that healthy soils produce the healthiest and most nutrient rich food. Our work begins in the soil. We support the underground farmers, the zillions of bacteria, fungi, and other creatures who in turn feed our plants by adding minerals to our soils, by spreading rock dust and gypsum, and applying foliar sprays of seaweed and sea crop, a desalinated ocean water that contains hundreds of trace minerals. We also activate our plants' immune system with nettle and comfrey teas, beneficial herbs that grow in abundance on the farm.

The farm follows all requirements for organic certification.  We would not spray any chemicals on our trees or fields as they would only destroy the work we do to encourage soil health, nor use chemical fertilizers that bypass the complex processes for the growth of optimally healthy plants. Our goal is to grow such healthy plants that we won’t have to worry about insect pressures because the plants will have strong immune systems. 

One of our resident herons.

One of our resident herons.