Opening Day is September 4, 2014  10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Yes, it is difficult to grow organic apples;  it is difficult to grow apples in New England!  Our climate is humid and we have many more pests than growers in Washington state. But apple orchards are synonymous with New England,. Growing apples gets under the skin. Peaches are  juicy, pears are delicious, but apples are what I love most to grow. . . . The exquisite crunch, perfect mix of tart and sweet, fresh, round and red, or oblong and russeted, .  .  .  (Linda Hoffman)



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Our Pick Your Own Organic Apples are sold by the peck and 1/2 bushel. Come to the farm stand on the porch of the farmhouse to purchase your bag and receive a map of the orchard. We have fifty varieties in the orchard however, many of them are new, young trees, so we don't have quantities of each apple.

Peck - $20 (about 10 lbs.) 

1/2 Bushel - $30 (about 20 lbs.) 


Our orchard is not manicured like a golf course; we have bee balm, Jerusalem artichokes, mint, comfrey, black-eyed susans, and wildflowers growing between the trees. The orchard is a natural ecosystem where pollinator insects find a home, where beneficial insects outnumber the pests, and there is food for everyone.

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List of apple varieties planted at our farm:

We'll be working on descriptions of our apples over the winter.


  1. American Beauty
  2. Akane - End of August - Picked for Harvard Farmers Market
  3. Almata - 1 tree
  4. Ashmead’s Kernel*
  5. Baldwin
  6. Belle de Boskoop*
  7. Benoni
  8. Black Oxford*
  9. Blushing Golden - The flavor is lush and rich – a good balance of sweet-tart.. It has something of the even sweetness of Golden Delicious and hints of pear, honey, and banana. From Adams’s Apples.
  10. Brameley’s Seedling*
  11. Bonkers
  12. Cortland
  13. Calville Blanc d’Hiver*
  14. Crimson Crisp - All picked
  15. Crimson Gold
  16. Cox’s Orange Pippin*
  17. Dayton - All Picked
  18. Egremont Russet*
  19. Esopus Spitzenberg*
  20. Europeon Golden Russet*
  21. Fiesta is a cross between Cox's Orange Pippin and Idared, introduced in 1972, from Kent, England. It was bred to get the great orangey taste of the Cox, but with good disease resistance. The verdict from many is that they have succeeded.  Fiesta is a hard apple, tastes sweet but with a nice amount of acidity. The Fiesta tree grows jig-jaggedy, more sideways than vertically, distinctly different from some of the more graceful apple trees. It also drops it’s apples so it is important to pick as soon as the fruit is ripe. All PICKED
  22. Freeedom - All Picked
  23. Florina Querina
  24. Ginger Gold
  25. Green Crisp – a crispy apple that is both tart and sweet. Great for eating and baking.  One of our favorites. We have many of these ripe for pickin’! Adams’s Apples says, Tastes include a citric sting, with a little lime, and a whiff of vanilla and wine in the background.  Tasting is an art in itself! PICKING
  26. Golden Noble
  27. Godlen Russett
  28. Gala
  29. Galarina
  30. Gravenstein*
  31. Hawkeye
    This apple is a Red Delicious cultivar. We call it Hawkeye after the original Hawkeye Delicious apple that was truly an astonishingly ‘delicious’ which is why it became the most popular apple in the country.  It was only later in its history that its qualities diminished with the random overbreeding. We think you will find that ours is a ‘delicious’ Red Delicious apple! 
  32. Honey Crisp
  33. Hubbardston Nonesuch*
  34. Hudsons Golden Gem*
  35. Jonathan*
  36. Jonafree
  37. Karmajin de Sonneville
  38. Kerry Pippin
  39. Liberty - Fabulous for fresh eating, juice and sauce, this crunchy, mildly tart apple is part of a new series of disease resistant apples. It shows good resistance to scab, fire blight and cedar apple rust— which is great for the grower. The name, Liberty, actually refers to the breeder's quest to free the grower from the near impossibility of growing chemical free apples. 
  40. Lyscom*
  41. Macintosh - Ripens the end of August
  42. Macoun - an old favorite!
  43. Maiden Blush*
  44. Mother*
  45. Moira
  46. Mutsu
  47. Northern Spy*
  48. Northfield
  49. Nova Easy Grow
  50. Nova Mac - Lovely new disease resistant Mac
  51. Opalescent
  52. Oxhead Pippin
  53. Pomme Gris
  54. Prairie Spy
  55. Pristine - August 1 - already picked
  56. Queen Cox
  57. Reinette Clochard*
  58. Rhode Island Greening*
  59. Roxbury Russet*
  60. Senshu
  61. Snowsweet
  62. Tolman Early
  63. Stayman
  64. Topaz
  65. Westfield Seek No Further*
  66. Wickson*
  67. Williams Pride - Mid- August - already picked
  68. Zabagnon Reinette