Congratulations to the Artists Selected for the

2019 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit at Old Frog Pond Farm!

Listed in Alphabetical order, along with title of the piece:

  1. Barbara Andrus, Boat Book

  2. Caroline Coolidge, Metamorphic Reflection

  3. Cassie Doyon, WhimSea

  4. Kevin Duffy, Reconciliation

  5. Alicia Dwyer, Continuous Migration

  6. Anne Eder, Anne’s Boneyard

  7. Cortni Frecha, Twirly Girl

  8. Zach Gabbard, Wildflowers

  9. Kathleen Gatto-Gurney, Conglomeration

  10. Tristan Govignon, Journey

  11. Linda Hoffman, River Stones

  12. Lynn Horsky, Build a Wall of Poetry

  13. Bette Ann Libby, No Limits

  14. Madeleine Lord, Sheep

  15. Paul Matisse, The Olympic Bell

  16. Julie Nussbaum, Vodnik In Cruel Shoes

  17. Yin Peet, The Egg

  18. Douglass R Rice, Canary

  19. Bob Shannahan, Mother Mastodon and her Baby

  20. Bayda Asbridge and Lynn Simmons, Ahimsa

  21. Margot Stage, A Fungus Among Us

  22. Joe Wheelright, Peering Around the Corner

  23. Joe Wight, An Anecdote

  24. Scrap Wrenn, Ground Space

  25. Melanie Zibit, Genesis

Thank you to all the artists for their submissions!

Stay tuned for a wonderfully diverse and exciting exhibit this year!


Artists are invited to submit artwork for Old Frog Pond Farm & Studio’s annual outdoor sculpture exhibit, Around the Pond and through the Woods. We are excited to announce that this year’s exhibit will be juried by Nick Capasso, Executive Director of the Fitchburg Art Museum. The exhibit will be from May 19 to October 14. The extended season for the exhibit will give more opportunity for visitors to see the work, and allow our ‘plein air poets’ to write poems inspired by the installations. A chapbook designed by Lynn Horsky and edited by Susan Edwards Richmond featuring the selected sculptures and poems will be available at our annual September Plein Air Poetry Walk. All poets and artists will receive a copy.

Submission Information

  • We invite artists to submit up to two works — either existing sculptures or proposals for site-specific work.

  • The submission period is January 10 - February 14, 2019

  • We encourage artists to visit prior to submitting. The landscape offers a diversity of habitats including field, forest, pond, and waterfall. Sculptures may be on the ground, floating, or suspended. Please discuss any questions about location with Linda Hoffman at

  • All work should be able to withstand the vagaries of our climate for the duration of the exhibit. The artist assumes responsibility for repairing or restoring an artwork in a timely manner if that becomes necessary.

  • Work does not need to be for sale, however, the farm requests a 25% donation on any works sold in the exhibit.

  • We ask that selected artists volunteer at the farm for one Sunday afternoon during the exhibit to greet visitors. We understand that this will not always be possible.

  • In submitting work, artists acknowledge Old Frog Pond Farm assumes no liability for artwork on the property during the exhibition.

  • The selected artists will be notified by March 1, 2019.

  • Please contact with any questions.