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Creative Days @ Old Frog Pond & Studio - Collage

This summer, we are offering a 4-workshop series that invites artistic use of our natural surroundings on the farm.  

Collage by Lynn Horsky

Collage by Lynn Horsky

Paper Collage: Free Association Narratives

Instructor: Lynn Horsky

Paper materials will be supplied as well as clay board for bases, glue, scissors, cutting matte and xacto knives, brushes, burnishers and sealers.

Be on the lookout prior to the workshop for any image(s) or (paper) materials seen in daily life that are intriguing or areas in a color(s) that attracts you, and bring cache to the studio to incorporate into your collages. However, there will be plenty of materials to sort through if participants wish to find all their materials at the workshop.

Please arrive a few minutes early so we can begin promptly.

We will begin with sorting and choosing material, then make a rough composition followed by rough cuts.  Next will be refining the image, reviewing together, and completing the final trimming. You will then have about 40-45 minutes for the final paste down. The class runs 2 hours but the studio will be open for an additional hour if you need more time to complete your collage.

 Note: Sealing should be done when project is completely dry. Wait 24 hrs to brush on coating of sealer (provided). 

1 - 3 p.m.  $25

Click here to register.

Lynn Horsky showed her collages at Old Frog Pond Farm’s Open Studio in May of this year. This fall she will have a solo exhibit at Indian Hill Music in Littleton. She is also the farm’s Bonuty Blog editor and a fabulous cook.