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Yoga and Creativity

In this class of kundalini yoga, we will work with the concepts of inspiration, revelation, and manifestation.  Kundalini yoga is a yoga of energy and awareness, using asanas (postures), mudras (hand gestures), mantras (sound), drishti (eye focus), and body locks (bhands) in an integrated manner to allow the kundalini energy to rise from the lower centers in the body to the higher centers.  Kundalini is often translated as ‘creative potential,’ and it is said that the kundalini energy lies coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine, but can be elevated through conscious practice. 

The instructor, William Lenderking, PhD., (Sach Prem Singh) is a Yoga Alliance certified kundalini yoga teacher, a poet and musician.  The class will be accessible to all!  Beginners welcome!!  Price is $15 and can be purchased through our website or paid directly to the instructor. 

Old Frog Pond Farm is an inspirational place to explore creativity.  We will gather in the Medicine Wheel. Bring mats, sunscreen, water, pen and paper.  Bring a picnic, pick some raspberries, and stay for the Plein Air Poetry reading that starts at 2 PM.  

William Lenderking

William Lenderking

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